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The Balls - 1 SET

The ultimate technique/aiming feedback product!

What you'll get:


  • 1 Box set of 2 balls (white and red)
  • Access to full instructions on the website.
    Mix of text explanation, graphics and video demonstrations.
  • Lifetime access to this and updated content relating to this product.

Develop effective habitual cue ball striking and aiming NOW!



"Chris Henry is the No.1 snooker coach in the world"
'Stephen Hendry'


What People Are Saying:

“‘This is a fantastic training aid for any player at any level. Not only does it instantly give you feedback, showing you your technical or aiming errors but having the courses to practice really helps you to work on exactly your own individual flaws and develop a much straighter accurate stroke. What I love the most is that you’re actually using these in the same way as you would do any Real Shot, which is hard to find in other training aids. On top of all that, as a player & coach I feel these are great for coaches to use to work with & help their students’. ”

Kelly Fisher | World professional pool champion

“"The Balls" is an excellent tool to understand if I hit the cue ball in the middle with cueing straight. They are studied to emphasize the error and their use has allowed me to perfect myself on precision. Thanks Chris!”

Simone Rolle

“"The Balls" I was curious about getting hold of a set of the balls. I heard a lot of positive feedback about the product but wanted to see for myself. The Balls have exceeded my expectations. They really are the ultimate feedback for a training product. They have allowed me to understand exactly where I am aiming on the cue ball and where I am striking it. By learning this vital information it has enabled me to use this when striking a normal cue ball and the difference in my game is brilliant, I really do feel like I at least know where the centre of the white ball is now! I will continue to use The Balls to develop a tighter tolerance in my game and would absolutely recommend the product to any player and of any level.”

Steven Hallworth

“Chris Henry “the balls“ are a fantastic coaching tool at all levels. They eliminate the guesswork in cueing and aiming leaving the coach sure of the problem being addressed. I have noticed the biggest improvement with 30-40 Break standard players where confidence is increased because of working on addressing the white ball and margins of error are narrowed considerably when aiming. I can only recommend that any player tries out “the balls”! ”

Alan Roll | World Snooker Coach

“A great invention they are, anything that shows you that your a bit out, and you see it yourself has to be a great idea and apply it to the practice and match table. I would recommend anyone with any interest in improving their game to invest in the balls and have an open mind with them.”

Rodney Goggins | Irish Snooker Champion

“As a junior coach it is very clear to see how the Chris Henry balls will assist with cue ball centre striking and object ball potting accuracy. I have had positive feedback from my junior coaching group (ages from 7-15) and senior ex-professionals. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the balls to players of any standards. The various drills with the balls are easy to follow and understand. I am seeing improvements in my students already.”

Jimmy Cross

“When I first heard about The Balls I will admit to being somewhat sceptical. However, I saw lots of professionals using them and saw more and more about them on the internet and social media. Eventually, curiosity got the better of me and I bought a set. Now, I am not what anyone would describe as a good snooker player. I’m 63 years old and what I would call club standard. If I make a 50 break I’m over the moon - my highest ever being 58. I do feel that there is still time for me to improve though so I’m always open to ideas. When I first tried The Balls I wasn’t surprised when it showed that I wasn’t actually hitting the cue ball where I was intending. But the simplicity of Chris’s accompanying videos has already started to help me to correct this. I’m only a couple of weeks into using them and I am convinced that they will make a difference. My only regret now is that I didn’t buy them sooner!”

Michael Waring