Chris Henry Sports - Neuroscience based Snooker Coaching Course Bruges Belgium JuneĀ 2024

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This course content will also allow you to improve your own game.Ā 

Conducted personally by Chris Henry, coach to world champions and the only coach in professional snooker history to have worked with both players in the same world professional final.Ā 

High performance levels in snooker requires 2 main skills:

1. Striking the cue ball where intended by habit

2. Aiming the cue ball where intended by habit

This unique coaching course contains all the elements required to enable you to coach your students on the right track from day one.

Some of the areas we will be covering are cue ball physics, grip, bridge, correct cue position, technique mechanics, visuals, alignment, sighting and much more ensuring your students develop effective habits from the start, or correct any existing ineffective habits.

A set of "The Balls", a spotted cue ball, coaching manual and the "How to" is complimentary for all participants.

The dates for the next course are:

June 15 and 16Ā 2024

The sessions will be:


2 x 3 hour session starting at 10am and 2pm.


1 x 3 hour session starting at 10am with a refresher session and Q&A followed by a practical examination and an online theoretical examination.

Participants will need to obtain 75% to pass the course.


SnookerPalace BrugesĀ BelgiumĀ 

Material needed:

Laptop/tablet for the online examination.

Your cue if you want to use your own cue for demonstration and personal shot explanation.

World Championship Snooker 2021 Champion

Congratulations to Mark Selby!

How Chris Henry has rewired ā€˜brilliant studentā€™ Mark Selby back to his best

Mark Selby is a player reinvigorated, something he is quick to credit Chris Henry for, but his coach has praised his ā€˜brilliant studentā€™ for being so willing to learn. ...

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The Balls on BBC TV


The Balls on BBC TV


Client review

Independent review from Break From Life.

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The Balls

Professional players currently practising with The Balls:

  • Shaun Murphy
  • Graeme Dott
  • Ding Junhui
  • Mark Selby
  • Mark Allen
  • Ali Carter
  • Matt Selt
  • Mark Davis
  • Marco Fu
  • Jimmy White
  • Alan McManus
  • Nigel Bond
  • Mark J Williams
  • Kyren Wilson
  • Ashley Carty
  • Fergal O'Brien
  • Ian Burns
  • Oliver Lines
  • Peter Lines
  • James Cahill
  • Elliot Slessor
  • Mohamed Shehab
  • Hossein Vafaei
  • Mike Dunn
  • Mark King
  • Reanne Evans
  • Allan Taylor
  • Stuart Bingham
  • Gary Wilson
  • Anthony McGill
  • Fraser Patrick
  • Shachar Ruberg
  • Cliff Thorburn

Video testimonials of professional players and coaches


World renowned expert coach releases FREE snooker routine

This very simple and straight forward routine guarantees perfect alignment and sighting by ensuring your central line of vision is on the intended line of aim.

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Coaching services.

Expert coach Chris Henry has now raised the bar with the introduction of a Neuroscience based approach to mechanics, visuals and the mental side of the game. This groundbraking methodology is now available for YOU! 
For more information contact us at [email protected]
* Amateur players only


This website is designed to educate players with the latest research in technique mechanics, brain visuals, coordination and a host of different challenging shot routines to take your game to the next level and beyond!

"Chris Henry began work with Shaun Murphy in March 2013. Shaun had not won a professional tournament during the previous 3 seasons. Following work to create a more effective technique and to re-program ShaunĀ“s self belief and confidence and to re-calibrate his Psycho Cybernetic Mechanism at the habitual level, Shaun has triumphed in 5 professional tournaments between March 2014 and February 2015 including The Masters and became the first player in history to compile 3 competitive maximum 147 breaks in the same calendar year."

Shaun Murphy
Snooker Professional

"Chris Henry is the number 1 snooker coach in the world"

Stephen Hendry
7 times World professional snooker champion

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