About the Chris Henry affiliate program

Our strong affiliate program allows players, coaches and organisations to earn an extra income by promoting the best / unique products available on the market.

What you do to become an affiliate:

  • you will need to become a member. The easiest way to do this is to purchase a product (including the free product).
  • Fill in the form below so that we can consider your request.
    We have limited spaces per region.

What do you get from us:

  • 15% commission on all The Balls retail sales.
  • A professional back-end personalised page with all the information about your sales and commissions.
  • Pay-outs through Paypal  (no other methods of payouts are available). 
  • You will have promotional links available in your back-end to share with your friends, clients, social media...
  • Premium support.
  • We handle all the packaging, shipments and client support on your behalf.
  • Your clients can get access to the videos and training via online services or the KAJABI app on Android and Apple.


What you need to do for us:

  • Promote, promotion, and some more ...

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